Female Students in Afghanistan Being Beaten As They Try to Enter University

Girl students in Afghanistan are not allowed to enter university, in a recently surfaced video on a social media platform. The students are seen being beaten and thrown stones at by some men. The female students who wearing hijabs had to run away to save their lives. Taliban took power in Afghanistan, in August 2021. At the time Taliban promised to institute a modern form of Islamic government that honored women’s rights.

The video posted by a Twitter user by the name Panjshir Province states, “Taliban beat female students. Even though the girls are wearing hijabs, why are they not allowed to enter the university? The #Taliban want to close the universities for #Female students. Today the the Taliban didn’t allow female students to enter university.”

Afghanistan has two private universities along with 17 governmental ones. Over the last year, the country has seen many regressive changes, including banning education rights for women. After seizing control, the Taliban declared that education for both boys and girls beyond the sixth grade would be discontinued and will resume later. Taliban leaders had prohibited girls from going to high school denying lakhs of female students their basic right to education in the country.

The Taliban had earlier said that more time was required for the school curriculum to be revised in order to better reflect Islamic principles, as well as for the creation of a female curriculum and female-specific school uniforms. In addition, the Taliban decreed that women could only be the instructors of women’s courses at colleges and universities. Additionally, it stated that co-educational university courses were possible but required a physical barrier separating the male and female students.

Further on September 17, 2021, the Taliban announced that schools would open but only for males. No decision was made regarding women’s education. Even after several months, despite international pressure and the promised resources from the international community, on March 23, 2022, the Taliban leadership announced that girls’ schools would not open.

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