Maharashtra Set to Introduce Medical Courses in Marathi

Medical education in Maharashtra will soon be offered in Marathi. The state government is set to make textbooks for the first two years of medical courses will be made available in Marathi from the next academic session, reported The Indian Express. The plan calls for these reference textbooks to be prepared for the forthcoming academic year. However, the option for students to choose Marathi in exams has not been considered yet.

The plan is to provide optional reference textbooks, with the goal of ensuring a smooth transition for students who attended Marathi medium schools. It will be determined in due time whether Marathi can be used as the medium of instruction in medical courses.

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“The first phase of this plan will be to prepare Marathi textbooks for the first and second year of medical degree courses. These will be optional, reference textbooks, a facility for students coming from vernacular (Marathi) medium for better understanding of the texts,” said Dr Ashwini Joshi, Secretary of the Medical Education Department.

He went on to say that experts from various fields will team up to create flawless translations of English to Marathi textbooks. Due to the need for medical professionals to verify the content, particularly with regard to the terminology used, the translators will be a combination of linguists and doctors.

Maharashtra will be India’s fourth state to provide medical education in a regional language. Previously, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh had announced the start of medical education in Hindi, in compliance with the New Education Policy (NEP), which emphasises making higher education available in regional languages.

The UP government has constituted a three-member panel for reviewing MBBS Hindi textbooks on three subjects including biochemistry, anatomy and medical physiology. Other MBBS textbooks too are being translated into Hindi and the committee will soon examine this translation. A few medical education textbooks in Tamil Nadu have already been translated into Tamil to provide conceptual clarity and better understanding for students who have attended Tamil medium schools.

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